Where stories come alive through dance and storytelling.

Dancing Tales is a series of performances put up by students of Surya School of Performing Arts along with students of Dhvani School of Music ( under the guidance of their Guru Smt. Aparna Chandar) and storyteller and renowned theatre artist Mr.Vikram Sridhar to use storytelling interwoven with dance and music with the intention of making stories of Indian mythology more accessible to children, as well as exposing them to classical dance and classical music.

The first edition of Dancing Tales came in 2015, and it has gone strong ever since, with a recent show in Coimbatore's Bookalatta in July 2019.


It has also featured in Bangalore Literature Festival in its 2016 edition and has been reported in several daily newspapers and praised for its unique approach to the performing arts.


Bearing the intention of telling the story of an often forgotten character of the Mahabharata, the first volume of Dancing Tales presented the tale of Ghatotkacha.

With Vikram Sridhar playing the title character, through dance the stories of his birth, his uncles' exile and the famous Maya Bazaar tale of how Ghatotkacha disguised himself as the Princess Vatsala to allow his cousin Abhimanyu to marry the real Vatsala was narrated.

The show was put up three times over the years in Atta Galatta, each time including more students than the last time. The most recent one in August of 2018 featured not only Bharatanatyam, but also the traditional Cheraw dance of Mizoram with bamboo sticks.


Krishna, the beloved to many. The dancers depicted the innocence of baby Krishna, his naughtiness as a child, and his value as a true friend to Sudama.

The story of Krishna is one that took Dancing Tales to the Bangalore Literature Festival as well as to Book Galatta in Coimbatore and is one that remains in the hearts of many, including the singers and dancers.